Graduate shows

I had my chance, I want to give that same chance to others, but wow, graduate shows are energy-sapping.

There’s got to be a better way of hosting/arranging/doing these?

With a focus it was easier to move around the zillion cubicles with slightly more purpose: I’m after a good illustrator of dogs, so that gave me an excuse for a few of them.

But overwhelmingly the work on display isn’t a reflection so much of individual talent as how well you’ve been taught, how conscientious the college is, how on the ball your tutors are.

I tried to engage with some of the interactive work but it was hard to ‘flick’ through interactive work to try to get to the bits that interested me.

And I was disappointed not find more original, editorial (rather than decorative) infographics. But no-one in the UK teaches this as a specialisation.

That’s a good thing in as much as it makes for a very diverse bunch of people who end up as infografistas, but it does mean that the basic pitfalls haven’t necessarily been covered.

More questions than answers, but I don’t know if I’ve the energy to do another round of grad shows next year.