What role for design in London’s future?

Once again the latest STIR lecture didn’t disappoint with three excellent speakers from the worlds of design, engineering and business.

These talks are inspiring because they make you lift your head out of your particular speciality with speakers who are hugely experienced in their fields sharing real solutions to real problems.

This talk – What role for design in London’s future? – was no exception. It ranged from presenting the big picture of a changing society’s future needs to small scale design solutions to problems today (examples of which include the work undertaken at the RCA’s Helen Hamlyn Centre, see my previous blog post). The challenge is to join up the two. There is undoubtedly the expertise out there to do this, but recognition at government level would go a long way to making the process more valued, therefore easier and better funded.

And yet again the themes of iteration and collaboration emerged. Get your idea out there, however loose a fit, then test it, adjust it, improve it, tweak it by incremental change. And good use of design comes from bringing lots of disciplines together.