Education – time for a change

There is no obvious career path for people who end up being infografistas, and maybe that’s because it pulls on a raft of skills from a raft of disciplines that aren’t addressed by our education system today. And I’m well aware that’s true not only of infographics, but many other jobs today too.

My Spanish teacher was a strong advocate of the argument that our current education system was outdated for serving the world in the 21st century. A fabulous STIR lecture by Sir Jonathan Miller touched on this theme too as he reflected on his achievements across art, science, comedy and communication despite his traditional schooling.

So I wanted to share Sir Ken Robinson’s RSA talk ‘Changing Education Paradigms’ which is a very eloquent demonstration of the arguments. Admittedly it came to my attention only recently because of the simultaneous illustration of the talk (RSA Animate) which I like, but it’s the content I’m more interested in here.