“Hello World!”

I wanted to create this blog – Telling Information – for three reasons.

The first is to provide some easy reference for those whose faces register a complete blank when you try to explain what it is you do. [Search for example].

The second comes down to me wanting to nail down what I rate as good in this industry. Infographic design. Visual journalism. With more and more visual infostuff out there I’m interested in curating a collection of good work. And in this way I can further explore my definition of what ‘good’ is. [Again, have a look under example].

Thirdly there’s the industry itself, hard to pin down, a constant challenge to keep up. Ever since infographics first came across my radar I realise I’ve been making observations about the people, technologies, formats, applications, outlets, clients, collaborations and education. I will continue to do so here. And living in London you don’t have to look far most weeks to find an event or exhibition that throws up something useful, classic, ground-breaking or just inspiring. [I’ve labelled these posts under education, event, and opinion].

Telling Information is my desire to rationalise all these things that contribute to the making of good infographics today and give me more of a clue about where the future might be heading.

tell’ing – adj: revealing; indicative of much otherwise unnoticed

And it’s all just my opinion.

PS For those of you wondering why there are a zillion posts* on this blog before this, the first one, suffice to say Telling Information has been a long time in the making: more here.

*PPS There are in fact a zillion more in my ‘draft’ folder, but in the interest of getting this blog published before I’m so old as to not care about the industry any more having retired and moved to the country to raise chickens I have chosen to go ahead with the content that’s in place today. And given the cyclical nature of the issues that crop up in this industry I shall polish and release all those other draft posts in slow time as they surface as relevant again.