Really useful maps

Hurray, they’ve arrived in West London! It’s a simple concept well executed and deserves to be taken up across the city: site-specific maps, oriented to their situation which show how many places are within either a 5 or 15 minute walk of the spot you’re standing on. And they highlight places of interest around about.

I first heard about this ‘Legible London’ scheme at a talk what must be three years ago now by Applied Information Group, its creator. First rolled out in the West End I’m glad that it has been deemed a success and so continued its spread. Lots more info and better pictures here.

It must have been a phenomenal amount of work in that each sign is tailored to its spot, but a worthwhile effort nonetheless if it makes people realise that it really is a lot quicker to walk to Covent Garden from Leicester Square rather than take the tube.

And all credit to whoever coordinated this mammoth project to achieve consistency across such a vast area and the different stake-holders that that would have entailed. There have to be lessons worth sharing there too.