The best of all things infographic

Hurray, it’s nearly here, the topical, international, intensive, fun, annual hit of all things infographic: Malofiej 19, Infographics world summit, 23-25 March 2011, Pamplona, Spain

For those who haven’t been before, a quick guide:

It’s been good other years: Malofiej 14, Malofiej 15, Malofiej 16. Looking forward to seeing you there this year!

Below are the speakers we’ve to look forward to, some old faces with a fresh smattering of new ones too: [You can read the speaker profiles on the Spanish SND website]

Andrew Vande Moere Information Aesthetics
Persuasive Visualization

Stephen Few Perceptual Edge
Infographics and the brain: designing graphics that actually inform

Rafa Höhr The Sunday Times
Print + web + iPad: deadline is close… Oh my good

Ryan J. Sparrow Ball State University
Understanding the path forward: Trends for the SND Digital competition

Haika Hinze Die Zeit
The infographics moment in german newspapers

Matt Perry San Diego Union Tribune
Chart smart: effective approaches to Data Design in Print (or how to avoid Data Design Disaster)

Pablo Loscri Clarín
The role of the web: integrated projects

Jorge Cortés La Tercera
2010: Infographics for a year without a break

Paul Blicke Golden Section Graphics
InGraphics: a magazine for visual people

Chiqui Esteban
Trial and mistakes learning to stop doing graphics online

Kat Downs The Washington Post
The infinite loop: creating graphics with user data

Joe Ward The New York Times
Interactive graphics: the sports edition

Paulo Ciuccarelli Density Design
The aesthetics of conversations

Geoff McGhee Stanford University
Meeting the challenge of big data

John Grimwade Condé Nast
Infographics that make me crazy