Simply useful

Found the platform but not sure how long you’ve got before the train leaves, still haven’t found your carriage let alone the carriage you’re meant to leave your bike in, look up at the clock, try to remember what time it was your train departs and then perform some mental arithmetic to work out how many minutes you have got to sort yourself out… this was me last Thursday evening.

So, how good was it when I looked up at the clock to see displayed the one piece of information I hadn’t until that point realised I wanted to know:
Departing in 8 minutes

Breathe, relax, stroll to carriage, get in. Get out again, take photo*, hop back in quickly.

Amazing that no-one has thought of this sooner. So simple, so useful.

[*My camera/phone died so you now need to imagine a typical digital display on a station platform. Under the big digits telling you the time and destination runs the aforementioned gem of information]