Analogue interactive infographics

One project at this year’s Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design’s exhibition The Problem Comes First caught my infographic eye.

Florie Salnot’s Healthy Pregnancy: redefining the experience was full of interactive infographics, interactive in the analogue – paper, scissors, glue, string – sense of the word.

She had devised really simple, physical, graphical methods to find out about pregnant women’s experiences, fears and aspirations.

And I’d speculate that by being colourful, hands-on and unconventional she would have collected better results than by using a standard, dull, survey format.

Yes, that's the best pie chart ever. Elastic bands threaded through a cardboard circle. Fully interactive.

I enjoy this exhibition every year and it’s well worth a visit. People centred design research is what they do, with an equal weight on the words people, research and design. That’s another thing I wanted to point out since so often – in the graphic world anyway – the first two are completely ignored at the expense of the usefulness and relevance of the end result.

It’s on at the RCA daily 10am – 5.30pm until 5 October. Hurry!