Infographic design, collaboration, expertise

Done well, I think infographics are really effective. I like designing them. I like sharing my experience of how and when to use them. I like the people I get to work with in their creation.

And – even better – there seems to be an appetite out there for all of this, in lots of different industries, across lots of different platforms.

So – though much like the creation of this blog ‘going freelance’ has been a long time in the making – at last I’m there. Well, no, in fact I’m here. At your disposal. Infographic design, collaboration, expertise. For hire.

I’m also excited I now have the time and flexibility to explore new approaches and industries, tools and skills. Being in the business of communicating information, and given the immense wealth of information that’s swilling around out there, I think there are adventures to be had, collaborations to be made, stories to be told.

Hope to see you out there soon.