Bringing words to life

Happy New Year!

Being a cyclist I always enjoy the occasions that I do travel on the tube to catch up on the latest posters and artwork on display all around.

Fed up of getting a daily drenching most days so far in 2012 – and needing not to look like a drowned rat for a client meeting – I was presented with an opportunity to take the tube last week and I wasn’t disappointed.

I really liked these:

They’re not infographics, but more and more I find myself talking about telling stories visually, which is exactly what these do.

As an infografista I tend to read copy with a pencil in hand, sketching as I work through it. Then you look back and try to find the common threads to tie it all together which in turn suggest an overarching visual to hang all the component parts from.

These are an elegant case in point. The visuals immediately convey what the copy is going to be about, the copy is short and to the point, and the result is perfect for delivery as a poster.

The alternative: bullets points. I know which I’d rather!