Conference with a cause

I’ve been collecting the work and ideas of people I admire on this blog and in reviewing the recent Information Design Conference under the title of Designing with a cause I ended up referencing most of them. Which means I’ve ended up with a line up for a Conference with a cause.

In no particular order: Sir George Cox (who I heard speaking at the always excellent STIR lectures, design + technology + business = let’s invite them too), Hans Rosling needs no introduction, BERG are very interesting thinkers, Moritz Stefaner one of the people behind the OECD graphic featured in this post, Ben Terret who most recently took design charge of the Government Digital Service and generally talks lots of relevant sense, Tim Molloy who I was impressed by years ago through an RSA summer school but haven’t had an excuse to put forward before but am sure he’d have something brilliant to contribute. He’s Head of Creative Direction at the Science Museum. And I’d suggest hosting it at the Helen Hamlyn Research Centre.

And while Otto might be on Twitter he’s been a bit quiet of late, so I think we’ll just have to settle for having him with us in spirit.