lupi status update

It’s been quite a couple of months. I joined Twitter, I moved, work’s gone crazy and I’ve been on a couple of trips.

Taking those in order, Twitter has confused me about the relationship between it, me and my blog. So please don’t go away, but bear with me while I work out what belongs where. I haven’t quite flat-lined here…

Blog posts per month since the start. The aim was two a month.

I also moved about a month or two ago.

If it wasn't for the digger you'd be looking at the lovely Peak District National Park from my window.

I’ve been very busy freelancing, only having time to write this because animations take so long to upload. (It’s not me and I don’t have a beard before any of you start. It’s a Grumpy Designer aka Stuart, talented and under-used designer, illustrator, writer and thinker.)

LOADING by Sprungseven | Grumpy Designer

And then there’s the other stuff too :)

So I haven’t gone anywhere, I’m just in the process of shifting stuff a bit. See you soon, here, or on Twitter, or somewhere else entirely.