A lesson from Twitter

I have been stoutly laughed at for commenting that I prefer Twitter in August because the volume of tweets is more manageable.

That said – even with the reduced activity of August – it’s still a challenge not to miss the good tweets in amongst all the noise.

Most of what I see on Twitter is just recycling. The tweets that make Twitter worthwhile for me either teach me something or make me react (most often to laugh out loud) and that’s all the more delightful because it’s been done within such a strict word limit.

If you’ve ever crafted such a tweet you’ll have been through the process of trying to distill a finite number of words and marks to capture the essence of what it is you’re trying to say. Writing, re-writing, re-ordering, re-casting, stripping away everything else, making each character count.

And why put this on the blog? Because this also applies to good infographics: Every mark should contribute to delivering a considered message and with any luck readers will react to and learn from what they’re seeing.

Don’t recycle. Add insight.