What is an ‘infographic’?

With the end of the summer holidays people are back at their desks and busy commissioning new projects. I’ve had a flurry of enquiries for ‘infographics’.

Great news it seems, but only up until the point I realise my ‘infographics’ and their ‘infographics’ isn’t quite the same thing.

My perception of what an infographic is is best described by the phrase ‘visual journalism’. The journalism comes first, you then use visuals to tell the story, and lastly put it into a style in keeping with where it’s going to live. Many (largely marketing and media) companies perceive ‘infographics’ just as a style.

Having had this same conversation several times recently I was reminded of the talk I gave in February at journalism.co.uk‘s great news:rewired event.

This brief interview during the same event captures the key points so I’m posting it here. (That and the fact I thought I had put it here ages ago!?)