#infographic #PetHate

In infographics we have another tool for communicating with. When appropriately used it’s a tool that makes ideas, results, concepts more understandable and more memorable.

Sometimes however the story is better told in words, or with a photo, or a chart, or a map, or an illustration, or a quote, to name a few alternative tools. It’s a question of choosing the best tool to tell the story to be told, on the platform it is being told on, to the audience you want to engage. Sometimes that’s an infographic.

My point? If you find yourself promoting the fact you’ve created an #infographic chances are there isn’t a story there, and that it probably wasn’t the best tool for the job.

Explore the story you want to tell and create an infographic when an infographic is the best tool for that particular job. Then promote the story, not the fact it’s an infographic.

(Same point, different day: Commission a story, not a format. You’ll get better results, I promise.)